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Two leaders clashed last night in the first television debate. The viewers of the Debate believed that Jeremy Corbyn is the more trustworthy Prime minister as compared to Boris Johnson. The viewer also said that Jeremy Corbyn is more reliable as he is in touch with ordinary people. As per the poll, Mr Corbyn was more trustworthy with a vote of 45% as compared to Boris Johnson, with 40% of the vote on the survey.

About the first leader debate

In the first leader debate of 2019, Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn clashed on a particular issue that was ranging from Brexit to the NHS. With the support of DUP, Boris Johnson deal was narrowly passed through the house of the Commons, as said by Jeremy Corby. The BBC Reality Check team analyzed this statement, and the group claims that the report is not right. According to BBC analyses, Mr Johnson’s deal was supported by 25 independents, 285 Conservative, and 19 Labor MPs. And as against the agreement, almost ten MPs from Northern Ireland’s vote.

Boris Johnson also said that he told to put 20,000 more police officers on the streets of the country, and for that, the recruitment process is going on. He also said that they have to upgrade twenty hospitals and to build forty new hospitals. But when the facts were checked, the result was shocking as the police officer number has decreased by 20,500 in England and Wales since 2010.

Jeremy Corbyn made a labour attack lines during the election campaign and said Boris that “You are going to sell our NHS to the Big Pharma and the United States.” To this question, The Prime Minter Boris said that there is no circumstance of putting NHS on the table in any free trade negotiation.

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