The agricultural technology company aims to study the effects of microgravity on the plant. For this purpose, the SpaceX has decided to send hemp into space at the beginning of 2020 on behalf of the agricultural technology company. International Space Station, has provided the information about the particular launch of over 400 plant cell cultures will travel to the international space station on the Space cargo flight. The launch is scheduled for the month of March in 2020, but there is a possibility that the investigation could shift depending on various reasons and factors. 

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Research on the effects of microgravity of SpaceX

Jonathan Vaught, co-founder, and the Front Range Bioscience CEO of SpaceX said about the research that it is the first time that anyone is researching on the effects of microgravity and the spaceflight on hemp and coffee cell culture. As per the report, almost 480 plant cell cultures will be launched at the International Space Station to get the result about the plant cells to undergo gene expression changes for a month the test well be done. 

Theory of the Planets

The theory of the planets in the space experience mutations is supported by science. The research that is going on by the SpaceX on those mutations and how will they hold up once brought back to earth. The Bio Serve’s payload operations centre at the University of Colorado, Boulder, will play an important role in monitoring the plant cell cultures remotely.

On Sunday, the announcement was made in the International Space Station to bring muscle-bound like the pest killing warm, mighty mice, and the empathetic robot. The main goal of the SpaceX that was founded by Elon Musk in the year 2002 is enabling people to live on other planets. Various research is going to make the launch a successful one.

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