With the help of the famous director John Madden, the film World War II’ Operation Mincemeat’ offers an overview of an exciting chapter in war history. This article beginning in 1943, examines an extraordinary story of illness and deception. The Allies plan to invade Sicily, but their chances of winning are slim. In this paradox, two intelligence officials carry massive embalming off the coast of Italy with a bag full of false information.

1. 1917 (2019)

Sam Mendes, the famed director of ‘American Beauty,’ has enhanced his martial arts film ‘1917’ with a contemplative splendor. The story is about two soldiers who risked their lives to pass on a piece of important information to another army. The road is full of dangers, and soldiers have to stay hidden from the enemy.

The heated ambiance results in a compelling drama by placing its trust in humanity. Benedict Cumberbatch and Andrew Scott played key roles following their on-screen competition in ‘Sherlock.’ ‘Operation Mincemeat’ features a dead messenger. This is a great movie to complete your popcorn dish if you want to see the living.

2. Bombardment (2021)

Ole Bornedal of ‘Nightwatch’ fame directed the Netflix favorite battle drama ‘The Bombardment.’ The film also describes people’s resilience amid a war disaster while bringing viewers to a sad conclusion. The accidental bombing by the UK Royal Air Force accidentally targeted the Jeanne d’Arc School in Copenhagen. A Nazi fighter for a date fell in love with a school monk.

Like a rare war film, the film sees a war scene unfold in the vision of a terrified child. If you are looking for a real-life version of the pay-per-view war after Operation Mincemeat while fleeing UK-based media coverage, this might be the film you hope to see.

3. Role Playing (2014)

With Morten Tyldum in the director’s chair, ‘The Imitation Game’ is an impressive biopic drama that recounts the unique discoveries amidst the chaos of war. To compile the German mystic code, mathematician Alan Turing brought together a group of promising and talented women.

The movie looks at how Turing developed an anonymous coding machine, now considered one of the earliest computer-aided methods. With Benedict Cumberbatch leading the cast, the result is astonishing and impressive. If you want to explore more about the history of WWII in Britain following ‘Operation Mincemeat,’ this biopic movie will not fail to inspire you.

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