Part of what makes Star Trek in all its repetitions so fascinating is the endless and varied planets whose characters end up perfect in it and aliens from those planets. The sequence of the old theme emphasizes the importance of the “new unknown world” in the purpose of Starship Enterprise. Since then, many new series have been created, and as a result, many new planets have been discovered. Perhaps it seems natural to think freely when discussing where you would like to go on vacation (Risa seems to be a good option); however, the events in all versions of Star Trek have always been partially visible in their dramatic variations. So here are 3 strange planets to keep in mind as you integrate your travel plan.

Sigma Iota II – Star Trek: The Real Series, “Action Episode” (Season 2, Episode 17)

If you think that an alien cannot be just the same as a period on Earth, you would be wrong. Story: Sigma Iota II, which is Chicago’s era of the ban, where the Iotians (who look very much like a man) are full of criminals. There is a technical reason for this: just as the planet began industrial development, it was acquired by the starship Horizon. Horizon has left a plethora of textbooks, including “Chicago Mobs of The 20s,” in which Iotians have extensively emulated models of their entire community. LARPing lovers, this is for you.

Tahal-Meeroj – Star Trek: Voyager, “Blink of an eye” (Season 6, Episode 12)

The USS Voyager is trapped in a planetary magnetic field where space travels thousands of times faster than the entire galaxy. When the Voyager began to cling, the inhabitants of the Earth were ancient humanoids. Although a few hours pass in Voyager, thousands of years pass over the planet’s surface until it reaches the atmosphere. Ever since the first aliens saw the Voyager in the sky, the unknown celestial object became integral to their culture. It inspired much of their new inventions and industries as the inhabitants of Tahal-Meeroj dreamed that they would be able to visit it one day.

The Changeling Planet – Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, “Search: Episodes I&II” (Season 3, Episodes 1 & 2)

Changing alien Changelings have their liquid state. Odo (Rene Auberjonois) is often seen as a good-looking man who can transform into anything he wishes to do; however, every 16 hours, he must return to his natural water supply to recharge (although this is also required in part because he does not yet fully know his skills). In Changeling Planet, all converters melt into a single large liquid/ocean called Great Link. But the real question is: can you swim in it?

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