On Wednesday, Trump administration passes the new work requirements for all recipients of food stamps. In this latest move, it will nearly cost hundreds of thousands of people to lose access to the supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or even SNAP. 

As per the secretary of Agriculture, Sonny Perdue and Brandon Lipps confirm about the change in rules. They are in call with the reporters for nearly 18 minutes and explaining the new law. The law will come in effect from the 1st of April. 

What does it mean?

As the new law will be taking the place of the old, Perdue, in a statement, states that they are taking the current action to bring changes to the SNAP program. However, the changes are also there to give back the respect to the taxpayers who all fund for this program. 

Perdue, too, added by saying that, if you look at the Americans, they are generous and also take responsibility in a better way. They always think of helping fellow citizens in their difficult times, and the SNAP program was there for it too. 

How will it affect it?

The new USDA rule will affect the group of people of age between 19 t0 49. The person who all are not disabled and not having a child will get affected mostly. 

In the current scenario, the group of people who all are going for food stamps needs to satisfy certain conditions. They need to clock a minimum of 20 hours per week for nearly three months. Apart from that all, there are states who all create waivers in the place who all face higher unemployment percentages. 

As the new rule will come to effect, it will limit those states from waiving and restrict to 6 or high percent unemployment rate. 

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