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Putting an end to a 1991 killing case, a blind prisoner was found guilty of killing his ex-girlfriend. Earlier, he was in prison in a conviction for killing his ex when he set her car on fire, putting her inside the car. 

On Thursday, Hall has taken to Tennessee’s electric chair for his death sentence. After his execution, he becomes the second blind inmate who got executed in this manner in the US. The death by Tennessee’s electric chair was reinstatement by the US in the year 1976. 

Why he put in Tennessee electric chair?

As per an official, he confirms the death of Hall at 7:26 PM at Nashville’s maximum-security prison. As he found guilty of killing his ex-girlfriend, the death penalty announces for it. After that, he got two options for choosing his death, which is a lethal injection or Tennessee electric chair. 

Lethal injection option is only available to the prisoner who all are in prison before 1999 January. Apart from that all, he too now becomes the first person in modern history to get death in the electric chair. As per a witness, the final words that Hall said before his death was “all people need to learn forgiveness and love and make the world a better place.” 

About the incident 

In a court document, it states that how Hall murders his 22-year-old then ex-girlfriend Traci Crozier. The incident had taken place on 17th April 1991 when he set her car on fire when she was there in the car. He has taken a container of gasoline and then lit and toss the container over the vehicle. 

As the container exploded, she suffered more than 90 per cent burns. The next day she dies while undergoing treatment in a hospital. All these happen as she was going to leave him for some reason. 

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