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A Boeing 737-800 from Ukraine crashed because of some technical issues just after the takeoff from the Iranian capital city, Tehran, on Wednesday. The plane was carrying around 170 people at the time of the crash. All people onboard killed in the crash, the state media of Iran confirmed. 

The plane was heading to the capital city of Ukraine, Kyiv, at the time of the crash, the Iranian media revealed. Multiple news organizations from Iran posted recent crash photos and videos on their websites. In one of these photos, rescuers were examining the remaining parts of the aircraft which lies on the field. 

A state-sponsored media agency of Iran, the Iranian Students’. News Agency, posted a video that shows the crashed plane was descending towards the ground and hit it subsequently, resulting in a massive burst and smoke all where. 

Boeing Aircraft

The Boeing aircraft was a part of Ukraine International Airlines (U.I.A.) and having the flight number of 752. On Wednesday, the plane took off from the Imam Khomeini International Airport at 6:12 a.m., and the ground station lost their contact shortly after its takeoff, 6:14 a.m., the flight tracker confirmed. 

The aircraft manufacturer, Boeing, responded to the incident and revealed that they are aware of the incident. Currently, we are gathering more information about the crash, a statement from the Boeing added. 

The Impact of the Crash

Undoubtedly, the crash came at a wrong time for both Boeing and Iran. Boeing is under tremendous pressure after two consecutive 737 Max crash, which killed as many as 346 people. As a result, the company grounded these aircraft and fired the chief executive. 

On the other hand, things are worse for Iran, as the country is going under massive political escalation with the United States after the killing of a prominent military officer. Recently, F.A.A. asked all American airlines not to fly over Iran, owing to the recent engagement. 

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