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In the bizarre incident, it was seen that a young boy was thrown down from the third floor of the mall balcony. In this incident, it was observed that he got nearly killed in it. The event has happened at the Mall of America in Minnesota. 

But now, after the fatal incident, he was taken to the hospital. To a miracle, now the boy can walk perfectly fine and normal without any limp in the leg. His family confirmed this statement.  

About the incident and treatment

In April, the boy who is five years old was seen to be thrown to ground from the third floor of Mall of America. The distance from that spot to the ground is about 39 feet. The mall is located in Bloomington, Minnesota. 

The boy who was thrown down is Landen. After that bizarre incident, he has undergone surgery for both the arms. Apart from that, he too underwent treatment for leg, lungs, stomach, liver, and spleen also. With all these treatments being happened, the boy too has gone for the facial and skull fractures. The number of surgeries and other things boy went is very paining, but still, now it seems that he is fit and fine like before. 

He was on national news when the incident comes in front of others. Also, it was seen that during the earlier period of treatment, he was struggling very badly to recover from this all. But on Friday, Landen’s family was stated on a fundraising site that he is now doing fine and strong like other boys. 

As per a source, when his mother asks him about the wounds and how he is feeling now, he always keeps on saying now everything is excellent, and he is right. 

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