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On Tuesday, it was seen that all the firefighters of Santa Barbara are struggling hard to contain the fire. The fire is so violent and that it is now is spreading to other areas and threating the nearby homes due to winds. Now they hope that rain may save them from this all. 

On Monday, it was seen that a small fire first broke out, which is after 4 PM. The incident has taken place near East Camino Cielo along with Painted Cave Road Padres National Forest. The fire first started with a small flame, but due to the erratic sundowner winds, it has sent sparks towards the downhill. The downhill of the mountain got many homes, and for those now, workers are evacuating them all to a safe place. 

What is making the operation a difficult one for a firefighter?

Since days, it is seen that firefighters are said to be having a hard time there to douse the fire in the forest. The light is spreading at a fast rate, and the leading cause is due to the winds. But as the place is very much rocky, steep, and have got dry grass and trees in it, so the fire is spreading at a high rate.  

As per Los Padres National Forest firefighter, Chief Jim Harris said that the blaze might change the course and go back uphill. The cave fire that is now being going on is burning in a location that is very much difficult to access. The main reason for the increase in the intensity of the fire is about the rise in wind nature in offshore conditions. 

Till now, due to the fire, it has destroyed a massive 4300 acres. To protect the homes and towns from flames, 600 firefighters are now defending it in the right way.  

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