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‘The Gilded Age’ deals with a failed seduction, innate prejudice, and ambitious social climbing in its fourth episode, titled ‘A Long Ladder.’ Peggy meets T. Thomas Fortune and eventually gets a job at the New York Globe. George assists the Fane family in getting out of their financial plight in exchange for Aurora helping Bertha (Carrie Coon) become a member of New York’s polite society. Marian arrives abruptly at the Scott home with a pair of old shoes and is rightfully called out on it.

The announcement of a concert at the Academy of Music for Ms. Barton’s charity has everyone talking. Marian attends the show and is startled by who she meets. Here’s all you need to know about the episode 4 finale of ‘The Gilded Age.’ WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD.

The Gilded Age Episode 4 Ending: Was there a real opera house at the Academy of Music? Is John Knowles Paine a Genuine Composer?

Marian travels to see John Knowles Paine conduct the Boston Symphony Orchestra with the Fanes in the episode’s concluding segment. Bertha is also in their box. Raikes (Thomas Cocquerel), sitting in the box next to them, notices Marian and approaches her. Given how obsessed polite society is with restricting people’s access to it, his presence there astounds everyone. Bertha, on the other hand, who has long fought against this thinking, is impressed.

The Academy of Music was, in fact, a legitimate opera house. John Knowles Paine was an accomplished composer. And the Boston Symphony Orchestra is a real orchestra that still exists today. The Academy of Music is located in Manhattan on the northeast intersection of East 14th Street and Irving Place. It went into operation in 1854 and included a hall for a capacity of 4,000 people.

John Knowles Paine was a well-known composer from the United States. He is the first composer born in America to achieve widespread acclaim for large-scale orchestral music. Paine, known as one of the Boston Six composers, was the Boston Symphony Orchestra’s first guest conductor. The performance presented in the show, on the other hand, appears to be fictitious. While Paine performed with the BSO on multiple occasions in 1882, their first appearance at the Academy of Music was in 1900.

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