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Patty Perry got injured by a tiger at Moorpark animal sanctuary 

On Saturday morning, Perry who was enjoying the Moorpark animal sanctuary got attack by a tiger. In that tiger attack, she got injured and was getting treatment at a hospital. She was there for an event, and in that event, she was going to thank all the donors and other supporters of the conservation group of hers.

How does it happen?

As the event was ongoing Saturday morning, the founder of sanctuary Patty Perry mistakenly fallen off near Bengal tiger. It happens when the tiger holds the leg of Perry with the paws, and then the next tiger jump on them. All these things are state by Perry by herself after the incident.

Bradbury, a friend of Perry, state that they are playing with her. With all the activities are going on, everything is seen to be normal and fun. But no one knows what happen after that as a 600-pound tiger holds Perry.

What happens after that?

After the incident, it was lucky that a crew who are from Ventura County Fire Department was there as they have an invitation for the event. They are at the spot, and they have taken all necessary steps and given first aid to the woman after the attack. Mike Des Forges confirmed it, and he is currently at the Public information officer with the department.

But he later declines to comment on anything on the injuries and how many injuries are there on Perry’s body. After that, she went to the Trauma center.¬†

But as per Bradbury, Perry has got a puncture on her neck and some lacerations on the side of the head. Till the last report came, she was still in hospital on Sunday afternoon. Till that, there is no information about the incident with Ventura Country Animal Services supervisor.

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