Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston have their mezcal line called Dos Hombres, and it’s only right to know who is better at holding their liquor.

“Me for sure!” the actor joked when Page Six asked him on Tuesday night. “He’s such a lightweight!”

“No, we’re both pretty good, to be honest,” Paul added. “We’ve never seen each other in bad shape. You don’t want to get messy.”

Now, Dos Hombres is the fifth most popular mezcal globally, with Aaron Paul explaining that the smoky libation and rich is not to be gulped down in shots.

“As they say in Wahaca, it’s sacrilegious to shoot mezcal,” he said. “You have to kiss the spirit, it’s a sipping spirit.”

Aaron Paul confessed that he was worried about how he would ever top it after wrapping up Emmy-winning “Breaking Bad” in 2013.

“I always said it’s downhill from here, during the final season of ‘Breaking Bad’,” he revealed. “‘Breaking Bad’ was capturing lightning in a bottle, you never know what’s going to hit and that one really hit. The writers really nailed the landing when they wrapped up that show so it was hard and it feels very good to have a choice to be picky.”

Aaron Paul is thrilled to be a part of “Westworld,” which he joined last season.

“We almost tried to make this happen in Season 1 after they shot the pilot,” he said. I nearly joined, but the timing wasn’t right. I’m so happy they didn’t give up on me.”

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