Increase in Temperature
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Climate change is becoming bad to worse in the first two decades of the 21st century. Most people will agree that the ocean ecosystem is suffering the most from the ongoing climate change. A recent satellite image shows an abnormal increase in temperature in the South Pacific Ocean. The observed region is massive, as big as Texas. The region located on the eastern side of New Zealand. 

James Renwick, a Geography professor at the University of Victoria, revealed that the temperature increase in the region is more than what currently we are going through. The temperature in the region is warmer than as high as 9 degrees Fahrenheit, in comparison to its surroundings, he added further.

One can even locate the region from space using thermal equipment. The recent discovery of the region marks the largest ocean area having more than average temperature. The region is huge, covering an area of about one million square kilometers. According to our perspective, the region is so large that it exceeds the area of Texas by a fair margin. In normal circumstances, the ocean temperature remains constant or varies a little bit; as a result, an increase in temperature by one degree is big, James revealed. But, in this situation, the temperature increased by a whopping five degrees, which is huge, he added further. 

Factors Contributing to the increase in temperature

The recent weather is one of the many factors responsible for the increase in temperature in the region, James claimed. The region received a lot of sunshine in the recent past, and the absence of westerly is also contributing to the increase in temperature. 

Surprisingly, the eastern portion of the warm area is relatively cooler. James revealed that if one area is warm, the other one is relatively cold. The eastern portion is around 3 degrees Celsius cooler than the average temperature, the study confirmed.

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