In a horrible incident that took place in Florida, a gunman killed three people at the Navy air station located in Florida. As per sources, the gunman came from Saudi Arabia. Talking about his identification, two law enforcement agencies said that his name was Mohammed Alshamrani. Well, the concerned authority is now investigating the report. However, here are some details of the gunman. 

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What Was He Doing There? 

Mark Esper said that he was working as a second lieutenant under the Saudi Arabia military at Naval Air Station Pensacola. Besides, Ronald Dion DeSantis identified the shooter as a staff of the Saudi air force. On the other hand, the Department of Defense further informed Mohammed started the training in August 2017. He trained for basic pilot training, the English language, and aviation. 

Terrorist or Innocent

Well, there is no such evidence that can prove his motive. The authority is now investigating the matter. But officials stated his background is cleared and there is no such link with Saudi Arabia King of terrorism. From where that person got, the weapon is still not precise, but the person used a handgun. 

Statements From Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia King, Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al- Saud spoke with the United States President Donald Trump. He expressed his and offered his sincere condolences to the family members of the persons killed in the shooting. 

To support the investigation, he ordered the Saudi security departments to cooperate in the inquiry. The Foreign Ministry said that US citizens hold the highest position regard by the citizens of Saudi Arabia. 

Who Is Investigating The Matter? 

A private source said that it is a global investigation, and the FBI is now probing the matter. The department assigned its agents to obtain all the necessary background investigation about the gunman. The agents are currently in Riyadh, working with the government of Saudi. 

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