The sequel to the medieval drama The Last Kingdom will be released on Netflix on that date. On April 14, Netflix will start streaming the newest movie, and Seven Kings Must Die. Bernard Cornwell’s Saxon Stories books, which establish Uhtred’s birth year as 856, inspired The Last Kingdom. When Uhtred of Bebbanburg is a young boy, 12 years old, we first meet him. But it is when he reaches adulthood and attempts to retake his ancestral castle that the narrative picks up. Throughout the first season, Uhtred is in his 20s.

Uhtred encounters many real-life incidents throughout the series, including King Alfred’s hiding in the marshes in 878, Aethelflaed and Aethelred’s marriage in 886, Alfred’s passing in 899, and Aethelflaed’s passing in 918. Uhtred is 62 years old when that final episode of season 5 takes place, but he still resembles himself almost precisely as he did in season 1. He would be 55 years old after the happenings of season 4, given that he was born in 856. However, because of the significant time jump between seasons 4 and 5, it is a little more challenging to determine Uhtred’s age in The Last Kingdom, season 5. Brida is in charge of a group of Danes in Iceland when the series picks up for its final season, and her daughter, born at the end of season 4, is around 7 or 8 years old. Aelfwynn, the daughter of Aethelflaed, and Edward’s sons Aelfweard and Aethelstan are all young adults.

The Warriors of the Storm and The Flame Bearer, Cornwell’s ninth and tenth novels, are the basis for The Last Kingdom season five. Episode 4 of these books accurately depicts the real Aethelflaed’s passing in 918. While Uhtred’s age appears to have barely changed throughout the five seasons of Netflix’s The Last Kingdom, Cornwell’s books depict the years of the ageing warrior. As Alexander Dreymon is still playing Uhtred in the showfans should expect it to follow in the same vein as the series, with Uhtred remaining youthful and robust for much of it.

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