The rising star Japanese singer has come to collaborate with Netflix to bring a unique visual experience of animation and live concerts to the fans.

Eve is a 26-year-old Japanese singer and songwriter. He has amassed billions of views on YouTube and more than 3.3 million subscribers. He rose to fame from his smashing hit song “Kaikai Kitan,” the most-streamed song from a Japanese artist on Spotify 2021.

The live event will premiere on the streaming giant on Tuesday, March 15. Save the dates if you want to enjoy the never-before-seen visual experience in a concert.

The event itself is challenging to explain because it is an experimental and surreal effort project by a renowned musical artist. The story and mystery are expressed through over-the-top visuals, including 2D animation, live-action, and 3D animation.

The plot will follow a high school student named Aki who searches for his friend Taki who suddenly disappears and ends up wandering in the world of strange mysteries created by Hitosume-ama. Taki’s voice leads Ali in his journey, which seems unreal yet feels like more than just a dream.

The show’s official synopsis reads, “Anime, live-action and music by cutting-edge artist Eve-All weave together into his dreamlike sonic experience inspired by the story of Adam and Eve.”

Make sure you tune it to praise the artist’s art and massive musical craft and the teams that created this masterpiece; it could be a thing live shows at Coachella as well. Stay tuned, and we will keep you posted for more updates.

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