On November 12, A rare breed of penguin which is an Adelie Penguin was spotted at the coast of Banks Peninsula in New Zealand. This rare penguin traveled nearly 2,000 miles from Antarctica to the Banks of New Zealand.

Adelie penguin (Pygoscelis adeliae) Shirley Island, near Casey Station

First, let us give you more information about Adelie Penguin. They got this name from the French Antarctic explorer, Jules Dumont d’Urville. After discovering this breed he decided to name them his beloved wife-Adele. The scientific name for this breed is Pygoscelis Adeliae. Adelie is the littlest species of penguins in Antarctica. Male Adelies are the nest builders, they attract females by making the best nest with the help of the nest. Their main source of food is small fish and krills but occasionally they feed jellyfish also. They can swim at around 2 to 5 mph, if they are feeling predators around them then they can swim up to 9.3 mph. In total, there are 18 types of species of penguins.

In New Zealand, charmed locals named them “Pingu”. This Adelie penguin is the third penguin ever found in New Zealand. The breed lives only on the Antarctic peninsula – at least 1,864 miles away. This penguin is estimated to have traveled 1,864 miles away from Antarctica.

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