Usman Khan was shot years before as he was the primary suspect on the incident of the London Bridge stabbing by the police authorities. According to the London police authorities, Usman Khan was planned to start a terror military training facility. Usman Khan was twenty-eight years old when he suspected in Friday central London attack. In the Central London attack, two people were dead, and three people were injured. 

About the terror attack convict

In the significant counterterrorism operation, Khan and eight other people arrested as a suspect in the year 2010. According to the UK police, the arrest included some men who were accused of terror and were planned to bomb the London Stock Exchange, and they charged over an al Qaeda-inspired plot. It reported that the suspect Usman Khan was from Pakistan and admitted to other terror offences that involved fundraising and recruiting for terrorist military training. The Terror military training was under the madrassa in Kashmir, and the family of Usman Khan owned the educational institute. 

In December 2018, Khan released from jail. In 2012 Khan pleaded guilty to tourism charges and was sentenced to prison for sixteen years. Usman Khan charged for being involved in the terrorist military training facility, and as per Basu Khan also attended an event at Fishmonger’s hall before the attract took place. According to Basu, the event that was arranged for the celebration of the five-year anniversary of the learning Together Network was scheduled from 11 am to 4 pm.

The students and the alumni of Cambridge University were caught up in the incident at London as they were attaining the event due to which the University of Cambridge was Concerned and tweeted about their gravely.

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