AirPods 3
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Nowadays the press release of Apple claims that the company is thinking of launching the apple AirPods 3rd version in late 2021 that will be known as the AirPods 3. Till now the confirmed date is not there for the AirPods and in this article, the user will get to know all the things about the new AirPods that are predicted to be launch in the year 2021.

First, let’s know that what exactly are the design updates which is the most important thing.

Most probably the design of the new AirPods will be exactly the same as the AirPods Pro. As it means that there will be a short stem with the replaceable ear tips that are better fitted with the ear and are also comfortable for the wider range.

Might be the Airpods 3 looks the same as the AirPods Pro but the features like active noise cancellation might not be there. But one thing is for sure that the design and the look of the AirPods 3 will be the same as the AirPods Pro.

There was a leaked image of the AirPods 3 from the sources that showed the design of the Pods. The Pods look the same as the pro but this time may be the size of the AirPods short and the shape is more rounded than the Pro.

Now we come to the Internal processing of the AirPods.

The company is thinking of launching the internal chip in the AirPods so that the Airpods can work in the long-distance, Durability and many other functions will be added to the same device. After adding the chip the Airpods will come out as a better result of the AirPods.

In the technical words, the news Airpods may be featuring a more impact in the integrated system in the package which is most similar to the ZIP in the AirPods pro. The SiP will allow the user to add more audio features to the small device just like the AirPods Pro.

The release date of the AirPods 3

They will be released in the first half of 2021. Most probably the date will be of June or July.

Now the price of the new AirPods

The price is confirmed to be around $199 as the price will be higher because of the charging case and the new features and there might be two variants one with the charging case of the high cost and the other without the charging case of the lower price.

That’s all was the article about the new AirPods 3 that are going to be launch in the year 2021 by Apple.

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