Inspired by the manga series of the same name, The Assassination Classroom is a well-known Japanese animated series. The series has additionally turned into many well-liked Japanese movies. Unfortunately, the anime itself failed to gain viewers or attention. The anime’s first season, which has 25 episodes, was released in 2016.

Because of the movie’s positive reviews for its distinctive plot and appealing concept, Season 2 was released right after Season 1 ended. The second part of the series has 22 episodes. The anime’s plot centres on an octopus-like monster that transforms the full moon into a crescent by destroying it. The monster then assumes the role of the class 3-E teacher and declares that it will destroy the planet in a year.

Assassination Classroom 3 main characters:

Koro-Sensei – Koro-sensei is the primary character of Assassination Classroom yet is an anti-hero.

Nagisa Shiota – Nagisa, the second most important character in the anime after Koro-sensei, was considered among the weakest students in Class 3-E because of his small height and lack of strength.

Karma Akabane – Another significant character in the show is Karma Akabane, well-known at the school for his violent and disruptive behaviour.

Where can you watch Seasons 1 and 2 of Assassination Classroom?

The anime’s first episode may be viewed on Netflix with a paid subscription to the internet streaming service. You may need to go to the Funimation website, which provides free access to both seasons’ HD episodes for subsequent seasons.

Due to the previous season’s unfavorable ratings, Assassination Classroom 3 has been temporarily paused. But, we are happy to report that the anime is now airing and may receive a third season renewal somewhere towards the end of 2023. Wait for the formal announcement from the creators, and stay tuned.

Image Credit – Fuji Tv

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