Amazon Web Service Vs Rackspace Cloud
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As we all know that cloud hosting is one of the things that is most required in today’s world as most people are going to online mode and everyone need a hosting type and cloud hosting is the best part of that. So, in total there are two ways of offering cloud hosting to anyone, and both ways are priced and are totally depends upon the user which to buy and in this article the user will get to know the difference between the 2 of the main systems that provide the cloud hosting service. And the 2 includes the Amazon Web Service Vs Rackspace Cloud

First comes the differentiation between both of them on the basis of the Price.

And here comes the table that will make you more understanding about the cost of both.

Amazon Web Service Vs Rackspace Cloud
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And some of the points are given below that a user should note before purchasing one of the software mentioned above.

1. The main thing about RackSpace is that it offers the user a limited range of features only and if the user wants something more of that then the user has to go for the purchase of a more costly package that Rackspace provides. And the purchase of the software depends upon the type of web application that the user is trying to build.

2. Along with this it is also noted that the software doesn’t allow the attachment of it to the variable block-level storage and for more storage, it is been required to get more storage through the high-priced software.

3. And the last is the note about the AWS as it offers the users about a 1-year free trial and is allowed to the user to test and run the websites on it and here is the list of features that the AWS provides in the free trial.

Next comes the difference on the basis of the Inbuilt features

On one hand, the Amazon Web Service provides many of the scalable services such as SQS (simple queuing service), SNS (simple notification service), SES (simple email service which can be used as an outgoing SMTP server), and DynamoDB (Keystore value DB). The AWS doesn’t provide the services to the top-notch but the services that are at the developer’s disposal.

And on the other hand in Rackspace, the user has to make in touch with the third party sites for the availability of the features as it doesn’t provide any of them for example if a user wants a simple email service then also he/she should make use of Sendgrid or Postmark, etc. for that.

The next thing comes on the basis of the AutoScaling Features

Most of the tests and the reports state that the AWS does officially supports the Autoscaling feature and in order to do so the user has to get attached to the cloud watch of the software in order to monitor the health and status of your instances and with this, the user might need the help of the Elastic Load Balancing of the software in order to disperse the load if the load is more.

The software RackSpace doesn’t provide any type of AutoScaling Features and if the user wants to have that type of feature then the user can shift to the RightSpace and the software allows the user to use the hosting same as the AWS and the only difference is that it allows the user to add on agents of the software in order to disperse the load of a website.

The next comes the difference between the Availability Zones

The datacentres are the main thing for which the users look for first for security reasons so the AWS has its cloud hosting data centers in the following countries that include:- Northern Virginia (US-East), Northern California (US-West), Ireland (EU-West), Singapore (AP-Southeast) and Tokyo (AP-Northeast)

Whereas the rock space includes the datacentres that are in the regions of Chicago USA, Dallas USA, and London UK.

That’s all was the article about the difference between the cloud hosting servers, the rock space, and the AWS and that’s was all about the Amazon Web Service Vs Rackspace Cloud

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