On Thursday, Amber Heard broke down in court, claiming that she received constant death threats during her ongoing legal battle against Johnny Depp, including one person who wanted to put her child in the microwave.

Amber Heard said that she’d received “hundreds of death threats regularly, if not daily” amid the defamation trial.

“Thousands since this trial has started,” Heard told the jury. “People mocking – mocking my testimony about being assaulted … it’s been agonizing. Agonizing, painful and the most humiliating thing I’ve ever had to go through.”

Amber Heard then stated that she wants Johnny Depp to “leave [her] alone,” adding, “I’ve said that for years now.”

Amber Heard believes Johnny Depp can stop the massive trolling from his legion of fans but is choosing not to.

Amber Heard further claimed that Johnny Depp is encouraging his fans to disparage her, alleging, “People want to kill me, and they tell me so every day.”

“People want to put my baby [daughter Oonagh Paige] in the microwave, and they tell me that,” she continued. “This is horrible. This is painful. And this is humiliating for any human being to go through.”

Spiegel testified that Jhonny Depp “has behaviors that are consistent with someone that both has substance-use disorder as well as behaviors of someone who is a perpetrator of intimate-partner violence,” resulting in fans calling out the mental health pro for his claims.

“Based on his crazy testimony and strange behavior during the Depp-Heard trial, I fear for any patient in his ‘care,’” one observer wrote on Spiegel’s medical page. “A narcissist, a fraud and an arrogant idiot.”

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