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Throughout the years, there have only been three people who have donned the Spider-Man costume.

We found our very first Spider-Man in Toby McGuire when he decided to greet us on the big screen as Peter Parker for the very first time in 2002. Following him, we were introduced to Amazing Spider-Man in 2012 played by Andrew Garfield, and last but not least, we found another Peter Parker in the face of Tom Holland who made his debut as the web-slinger in 2007.

In 2020, Marvel gave the fans an amazing surprise by giving us all the Spider-Men on one screen. Fans were ecstatic to find them playing their respective roles and the movie turned out to be a big hit. From their acting to their on-screen bonding, everything was perfect.

Playing the beloved role together gave the stars a new recognition and that has made them the headlines of almost every article. Garfield has been enjoying his fame as Peter Parker while Toby has finally stepped on Hollywood sets after a long time. Their spectacular work together left their fans wondering about their off-screen relationship.

Andrew Garfield during his recent interview on The Jess Cagle Show revealed his experience of working with Toby McGuire. Andrew commented, “He took a little bit of a sabbatical from acting for a while, much to my dismay, because I’m such a huge fan of him as an actor. He’s been focusing on other things and producing and life. It was so awesome to be able to be present for him being on a film set as an actor again, and especially as that character. I grew up idolizing Tobey in that role and he’s such a huge part of that character for me, and just being a fan of him as an actor.”

He also talked about the wonderful moments the trio had shared while filming the movie. Together, they had shared a collaborative “creative experience” which helped them discover the adorable bonding between the three Peter Parkers.

He further said, “It felt protected. It was very strange. It didn’t feel like we were doing this big Spider-Man film. It felt like Tobey and I was just working on a relationship between two characters and using our imaginations and playing. It felt very, very playful like we were kind of two friends making a little Spider-Man short film and going, ‘Wouldn’t this be cool?’. I think he started to remember his connection to acting as well, his love of it as if no time had passed.”

Previously, Tom Holland has also revealed that the trio have a WhatsApp group and they have reached a level of comfort that makes them feel appreciative of each other’s work.

Andrew labeled this experience as ‘playful’ which made us wonder what kind of trouble they had gone through to give such an amazing performance in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Albeit all these questions, we are glad that they have been comfortable enough to work together and give us an amazing movie.

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