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According to the sources of the galaxy reporters, one thing is confirmed that google might add more fingerprint sensor tech to google pixel phones in the future. And with this, several in-display fingerprint sensors were also spotted in the Android 12 DP2 code. As we all know that for a long time google has been fixed to the older version of the fingerprint scanner at the back and in the latest pixel model also there is the fingerprint scanner at the back only.

But now according to the sources, the change is here that by seeing the other competitors in the market and have seen that they have adopted the idea of in-display fingerprint sensor and have also advanced in the version of that ao here is the thing that now google is also thinking to launch the same level of in-display fingerprint in the future pixel phones.

one of our sources found the potential of Google and other news about what is google will add to the new Pixel phones is through the decoding of the codes mentioned in the Android 12 developer preview part 2 and along with this several of the codes were also found on the SystemUIGoogle app and in the app a code is named as “UdfpsControllerGoogle,” where according to the reports and most of the researchers it is claimed that “Udfps” means that under-display-fingerprint scanner.

And with reference to this similar type of code was also found in the Android 12 DP preview 2 but otherwise, the company didn’t officially mention the launching of the under-display fingerprint scanning to the new Pixel phones. But this time when the codes from the official website are out then it suggests that Google might be launching the new Udfps code to the pixel phone that will be launched in the future and the same of that will not be there for the AOSP.

And at last, we all know that it is not enough information in order to predict that Google will be launching the in-display fingerprint sensor in the pixel phone and sources also confirm that the new Google Pixel 5a will not be having the in-display fingerprint sensor rather the mobile will be having the same rear fingerprint scanner like the older versions. So, all the news about the same will be updated here only.


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