Sometimes the in the IoT ecosystem it takes more than time to create a smart device than the time taken to make a dumb device. Here is an example of the Android Tv that shows some of the apps sometimes but sometimes it doesn’t show the apps. For example, sometimes the Android TV is shown on google home but sometimes it is not shown. Some of the users also report that if the internet is working then also the google home is not working in tv android tv and if you are facing the same problem and are frustrated from the problem then you have come to the right place. This article will tell you the steps to solve the problem of Why Android TV Is Not Shown In Google Home?

Following are the steps are given below that one should follow:-

1. Before the process the user must ensure that the google account in the android tv must be linked to the google account that you are using on the smartphone. As if the accounts don’t match then the google home will not be shown on the android tv.

2. In order to check your Google account on the android tv, the user can visit settings-> accounts and then sign in. The tab open will let you know the google account or the user is able to add the new account also.

3. After that the user has to open the Google account on the smartphone. Here the user is able to check the google account and can add the other account also if needed.

4. The next step to be done I would recommend the user to do the same manually. As the user now has to click on the + sign on the top left corner and then choose the option of setting up a device.

5. The select the new device and the app search for your tv. Once the tv is searched by google then click on the option of the android tv and add it on the home screen. After taping on the option of the android tv the app will be shown in the android tv home app. The user also should keep in mind that both the devices are connected to a common network.

6. If the user after following the above steps faces the problem then the user should open the android tv settings page -> Apps -> See All Apps -> Google. Then uninstall the apps and clear your data.

7. Now the user must proceed to the play store app of the android tv and then update the Google app.

8. one of the main reasons for the android tv not accessing google home is that the inability of the tv to access the location. So, in order to grant the permission tap and hold on Google Home and open “App Info”. After that open, the permissions, and the user also make sure that the permission of the location is granted.

9. After that turn on the location on the smartphone and after that Settings -> Location -> Turn on the toggle.

10. If the android tv is still not showing the home app then the user must visit the app info page and there the option of storage and cache must be chosen after that the clear cache option should be chosen. Now open the app and choose the option of selecting the google home app from the scratch.

11. The last option is there if the above of any options doesn’t work then the user must reset the android tv in order to do a fresh start and then the user must be able to see the google in the home app.

That’s all is about the steps that you must follow in order to solve the problem that Why Android TV Is Not Shown In Google Home?

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