To give you a surprise, most of the models of the solar system that you are watching today are not accurate enough. There is a valuable reason behind such inaccuracy. It is challenging for scientists to portray completely similar models with accurate scale portrayal. On the other hand, the realistic model will look dull and challenging to understand. One required to zoom in to see the happenings. 

James O’Donoghue, a former NASA scientist and currently working with JAXA- the Japanese Space Agency, recently did something special for all space lovers. He created multiple animations to showcase the real universe. The models were efficient, and scaling was accurate enough. 

He tweeted about his work and revealed the level of the vastness of this universe. He posted a series of videos on the microblogging site Twitter. In the videos, he tried his best to explain the distance and size of the universe. 

There are Even Flaws in the Model

Though he scaled every possible aspect, at the bottom of the video, he wrote that the scaling is not applicable for Sun. James O’Donoghue did not opt to show the relative size of the Sun in comparison to other celestial bodies, as Sun will take the majority of the screen, and dominate the model alone. 

He revealed that not all things are according to scale. Things such as the accurate distance of planets from the Sun and the distance between planets are not depicted correctly, he added. The unique thing about the animations was the tilt of planets on their axis and their different rotation and revolution speed. James O’Donoghue revealed that all planets would not fit into a screen if he would have used the actual distance between the planets. 

According to James O’Donoghue, the planets will not be visible if someone portrays the space between them. As a result, it is not convenient to make accurate, in-scale models of the solar system. 



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