Antonio Brown scored a landed for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at the super bowl and however managed to complete the match by running the wrong route. Moreover, according to coach Clyde Christensen of the team Buccaneers said that Antonio Brown did the wrong thing in the match.

Moreover, in the match, Antonio Brown was to go down then the player was supposed to be pop out but Antonio Brown did the opposite of the match and instead of this player got out and pop back in. The coach Clyde Christensen said in an interview with the NFL punter Pat McAfee on YouTube and Sirius XM and said that “I’m kind of going through the headset like ‘did he run the right route? Did he just do the opposite of what he was supposed to do and we hit it for a touchdown?’ That was the case.”

The team of the brown was lined up against the Kansas City Chiefs safety. He was lined up against the player Tyrann Mathieu on the play and Antonio Brown was allowed to whip the route and initially cut inside before bouncing toward the sideline but the player did the opposite of the command and whipped back and reserved the action.

Moreover, despite the mistake by brown the team player Tom Brady compensate for the problem by the diversion and after that the player connected to the brown in the game in order to score the game.

Christensen also said that “And that’s where Brady doesn’t get thrown for a loop, “He just hits the guy. ‘Hey, you get open, I’ll hit you.’

Because of the shift taken by Browne, the match was the darn unique. More most of the quarterbacks of the match are like A to b to C. But AB went from C to F and then back to A by touching him to the touchdown. And the Match was unbelievable.

Overall the player did the bad thing in the match that shocked almost everyone including the defending players also.

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