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Recently, a federal appeals court allowed the Trump administration to use some sets of Defense funds for constructing the wall near the Mexico border. In December, a lower court blocked the fund release for the border wall construction. In its judgment, the court revealed that the release of funds disobeys the power of Congress. The fund involved in the recent judgment is different than the money that the Supreme Court allowed the Trump administration to use for making the wall. 

Defense Department

The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals put a stay order on the last judgment by the Texas judge in 2-1 ruling. President Trump’s idea of using the funds from the Defense Department got a negative response from many states and groups. They claim that the development bypass the power of the American Congress. In September, the Defense Secretary sanctioned a whopping 3. 6 billion USD for the construction of 11 border wall project. At that time, the administration claimed that half of the funds would come from various overseas projects and the other half from the projects within the United States. But, the recent judgment will not apply for the release of the funds, other than the Defense Department, such as Treasury Forfeiture Funds and Counter-drug Funds. 

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Trump’s Struggle for the Border Wall

Initially, President Trump got only 1.4 billion USD after a 35 days government shutdown, which was approximately one billion lesser than his proposed amount. Therefore, the President declared a national emergency to release the required amount from various other departments. At that time, Trump projected national security as the major agenda for such development. Trump was the first American President in recent times to declare a national emergency for releasing funds. President repeatedly claimed that the Mexican border is the main route for drug and human smuggling into the country. Building a wall on the Mexican border was one of the major agendas of the President during his election campaign in 2016.

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