Apple Airpods Max

Now here comes the noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphone but it offers a price that sounds the full perfection of the product.

Apple’s first own-brand headphones with the best sound quality and luxury functions but the price are also painful.

The cost of the Airpods Max is $ 736.06 which are the most expensive headphones in the apple industry among the other AirPods costing normal range i.e. $213.30 for the normal AirPods, $334.04 for AirPods Pro, $362.23 Solo Pro and 402.47 for Studio 3 Wireless.

The AirPods name sounds the same for all the AirPods in the apple industry but AirPods max is launched to give a tough competition to Bose and Sony in the market.

The AirPods max are made up of stainless steel and aluminium, which felt the customers more luxurious than plastic but they weigh from 385g to 130g only which is heavier than the other headphones of different companies

The weight is on the sides of the headphones and not in the middle. The earcups are made heavier in order to make the balance in the ears and either you tilt or bend neither the ear cups nor the headband will move from its place.

The ear cups are made up of memory foam covered in a woven fabric n order to avoid sweat on the ears while workout. The arms extend the height and the ear cups are rotatable in order to fix on the ears.

The spring-loaded hinges allow the headphones to be in one place. Once adjusted on the head properly the max AirPods are very luxury and comfortable.

Following are the specifications of the Airpods max

Weight: 384.8g
Drivers: 40mm
Connectivity: 2x Apple H1 chip, Bluetooth 5.0, Lightning charging
Bluetooth: SBC, AAC
Battery Life: 2o hrs ANC on

The Airpods Max’s contain the H1 chips, the same as the AirPods pro, which meant they have the same Bluetooth 5 connection supporting SBC and AAC audio formats, Plus one more feature of instant pairing and seamless, automatic voice assistant using the old version of “HI SIRI”

All over it is a very nice device to be used for the AirPods.

Connectivity of the AirPods with the non-apple devices was solid but some of it’s features may not work with them such as noise cancelling is not working with the other devices, it is only working with the apple devices.

The top right of the ear cup contains the button for toggling noise-cancelling modes, press and hold the button for some time till the AirPods are rebooted or connected to the Bluetooth.

There is also an enlarged digital crown the jog dial button in the system which was same launched in the Apple watch earlier. The button is used for the playback controls or to give the command to the Siri. but the buttons are of top-notch the Siri one and the other for the top-notch.

However, there are no switches for the on and off button in the headphones. The headphones are the sensors based when they are put on the neck they get on automatically and when they are taking off from the neck they get off.

The Max produces the fantastic sound you should expect, joining a rare bunch alongside the B&W PX 7 and sony WH-100XM4 that sound so good you will be able to hear new elements in well -worn tracks.

The max has active noise cancelling, which uses a microphone to detect unwanted incoming sound and produces anti-sound to cancel it before it hits your eardrum.

Apple’s noise cancelling is easily as good as the best in the business, handling road-noise, drone, fans but all these sounds are hearable in the other company’s headphone’s

The AirPods contain the long-lasting battery life of 20 hrs matching the Bose’s NCH 700 but the time period is short from the B&W PX 7

It takes 2 hrs to fully recharge the max using the 5w or greater USB power adaptor.

Apple doesn’t provide any suspected sustainability of the devices but the AirPods max could be for 500 times fully charged.

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