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SOURCE: Apple Insider

According to the sources of the galaxy reporters, it is claimed that Apple is rumoring to launch a new version of the Apple Headset in the market that will be having a short focal length and the headset will be weighing less than 150 grams in order to put less pressure on the eyes of the user. And according to the reports and the sources, it is confirmed that the current headset that Apple is offering is weighing more than 300 grams that the users are avoiding use as they are putting pressure on the eyes and moreover the headset is also having a bulky form factor. So, Apple is focusing on the same in order to improve the same for the user.

So, this time Apple has thought that the headset has to now be upgraded with Fresnel’s hybrid ultra-short focal length lens as by adopting the same to the new headset, then the headset will be of less weight and will be there with a little bit of thickness only. the sources of our team suggest that Apple has adopted the thing of launching the new headset to weigh less than 150 grams is to differentiate it from the other competitors and the thing will give a big advantage to the users of the iOS.

The headset this time will be made of plastic than of glass in order to reduce the weight of glass and in negative the thing that arises is the durability but the thing is still unknown that of what material that plastic would be made. As we all know that the AR devices don’t provide that form of experience that VR devices provide and VR devices have a more compact form factor than AR devices. And this time Apple is challenged to launch the VR device with a lightweight and less clunky.

Some of the rumors also suggest that Apple will be using the Micro-OLED displays in the new headset in order to compensate for the reduced brightness that is going to be caused by Fresnel’s hybrid lenses. Along with this some of the rumors also suggested last month that the new lenses will be having 15 built-in camera lenses.

And the last thing that some of the rumors suggest was that Apple might launch the new headset in the year 2022 but it now the rumors suggested that the launch date might be delayed because of loss of resources and the cost of the same will be around $1000.

That’s all was the article about the new Apple Headset

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