Apple has now announced that the company has officially updated the Apple Maps in the software and now the users of the same are able to see the eligibility and the availability of the vaccines in the nearby centres. The app is been updated with the help of the Vaccine Finder, which was the site run by the Boston Children’s Hospital that is originally working for the providing of information for Covid-19 Vaccines and moreover now the people can search for the vaccinations centres nearby or could ask Siri about the same. To date over 20,000 vaccinations, centres have listed themselves in Apple Maps and about over 1 million people are searching for the same in Apple Maps.

Each of the vaccine sites is providing a link to the website, the working hrs, contact information and the other things that the user may need to know in order to fix an appointment in the clinic for the covid-19 vaccination.

Moreover, the new feature of the Apple Maps and Apple Maps has also now developed a link with the tech companies that will apply an offering to the users of the iOS that will enable them to know the nearby listing clinics and the availability and the eligibility of the covid-19 vaccines.

Along with this Facebook has also announced yesterday that they will be also doing the same thing that they will be adding a vaccine finder on the official page of Facebook and the users will be able to find the availability and the eligibility of the vaccines in the nearby centres and will be able to make an appointment.

Moreover, Along with all this Google is also offering more of the features in order to find the nearby vaccination centres and the availability of the vaccines to the centres. The company also announced with all these the people can also use the business messages in the maps and search console of Google in order to locate the pharmacies nearby who are originally owned by Albertsons Companies that basically includes Safeway, Jewel-Osco, Vons, Albertsons, Acme, Shaw’s, and Tom Thumb and with the availability of the questions of the user that include vaccine eligibility, availability, and appointment booking.

The us-federal company is also planning to launch its own website for the finding of the vaccine under the name of covid-9 vaccine finder and the deadline et by them is of 1st May and after that, the elder living in the country will be able to use the app and get in contact to the vaccine centres nearby for the availability and the eligibility of the vaccine centres.

And till now according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 28 per cent of the adults in the country have already taken the first dose of the vaccine and the app will prove to be helpful for future vaccines also.

That’s all was the article about the Apple Maps is Showing The Locations Of The Covid-19 Vaccines


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