Apple To Be Fined With $2 Million In Brazil For Not Providing The Charger With The iPhone 12
Source: BGR IN

According to the sources, it is stated that the Brazilian state of São Paulo is not shocked with the decision of Apple of removing the charger from the iPhone 12 Box, and due to this the consumer defense protection agency of the Procon-SP has also filed a case of about R$10.55 million (about $1.92 million US) for not issuing the charger on the box of the iPhone 12. As the rule of this against the policy of the Brazil consumer Act and it also violates the rules and regulations of the user.

The Procon-SP told about this violation to Apple in the last year December only and in return Apple acted smart and responded that they were in the focus of retreating their environmental angle and by this the same thing will be reducing the CO2 emissions in the air.

The company noted the reports that claim that the users of the iPhone already had the iPhone charger of the old phones so why there is the need of providing one more or buy one more. But in return, the company wasn’t satisfied with the answer given by the company and while issuing the fine the president of the Procon-SP named Fernando Capiz told Apple that there is a need for the company to respect the Brazilian Law if the company wants to sell the iPhone in this country.

And moreover, the fine amount is also claiming the statement of misleading the water-resistance term in the iPhone 12 which was completely wrong and on the other hand the company also declines to give griverance for the older iPhones that have suffered the damage due to the water.

And moreover, on the part of Apple, the claim is very short in amount and wouldn’t affect the finances of the company and the company might not have the choice but to offer some amount of concession in order to sell the iPhones in Brazil and moreover, the other companies have also bowed the pressure to the company and in this case, Samsung handled the situation as the company offered the charger as a gift charger if the user books the phone on pre-orders and if the user buys it after that then the charger is not provided. And all the company’s are very well known with the fact that Brazil is the biggest phone market in the world and while releasing the new phone the company has to keep in mind the rules and regulations of the country of the consumer act in order to get good sales.

That’s all was the article about the iPhone 12 claim in Brazil.




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