Apple Watch’s ‘Extreme Sports’ Version, which is supposed to launch simultaneously with other versions later this year, will get a “Pro” tier just like its smartphones, laptops, tablets, and earphones. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman declares that Apple’s rugged watch may be named the Apple Watch Extreme or Apple Watch Max or Apple Watch Explorer Edition, or the Apple Watch Pro. He also declared that it would consist of ‘pro’ features such as a larger and more shatter-resistant display which is going to elevate its cost, and it may cost as much as the iPhone 13 Pro.

In his newsletter, Gurman announces that the rugged Apple Watch will possess ‘pro’ features. He explains that similar to the ‘pro’ models in its other consumer products like MacBook Pro, iPad Pro, and iPhone Pro distinguished from other models in a lineup, the “pro” version of its Apple Watch is also going to be strikingly different from the standard Apple Watch offerings reportedly launching this year. Gurman also states that Apple Watch’s ‘Extreme Sports’ version is named N199 inside the company. He believes “the company will probably go with the Apple Watch Pro name and marketing.”

This particular Apple Watch is about to support “a larger and more shatter-resistant display, enhanced hiking and swim tracking, longer battery life and a heftier and rugged case made from a premium, non-aluminum metal material (probably titanium given it’s much more durable than steel),” Gurman says. It is also supposed to cater to extreme sports athletes and will likely go against the likes of premium Garmin wearables. The pro model is supposed to offer better performance, larger screens plus, and command an elevated price.

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