On Feb 23, Outer Banks is coming back with its new season. All audiences are very excited to see what the new adventure included in this season. Before you start watching the new episodes of Outer Banks season 3, let’s have a look at the full scoop on the episode title, number of episodes, and runtimes. 

The premiere of Outer Banks seasons 2 created a blast over a year back. That’s why audiences are waiting patiently for the third season. Outer Banks season 3 was expected to come by December 2022, but the latest episodes were not fully ready. Finally, the streaming giant revealed the official release date on Jan 3. 

The number of episodes in Outer Banks season 3

Resources have confirmed that a total of 10 episodes are made for Outer Banks season 3, which is the same number of episodes for season 2. 

Episode titles and runtimes of Outer Banks season 3

The upcoming Netflix show Outer Banks season 3 has the following episode titles and runtime:

  • 50 minutes for Episode 1, named “Poguelandia”
  • 45 minutes for Episode 2, named “The Bells” 
  • 47 minutes for Episode 3, named “Fathers and Sons”
  • 44 minutes for Episode 4, named “The Diary” 
  • 53 minutes for Episode 5, named “Heists.” 
  • 50 minutes for Episode 6, named “The Dark Forest.” 
  • 53 minutes for Episode 7, named “Happy Anniversary.”
  • 48 minutes for Episode 8, named “Tapping the Rudder” 
  • 52 minutes for Episode 9, named “Welcome to Kitty Hawk”
  • Episode 10, named “Secret of the Gnomon” 

The runtime for the last episode is not revealed yet. So, it is expected to wrap up the third season with a longer season finale. 

Image Credit – Netflix

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