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Ariana is now married to a real estate agent Dalton Gomez, the pair got engaged in December 2020 and tied the knot in May 2021. The couple has been praised by fans.

Well many of us are unaware of the scandal that Grande and Gomez were a part of. They shared the space in the negative lights of media. The Singer and real estate agent insulted the Native American people.

As per reports from The Sun, the 7 rings singer shared a video on Instagram where she, Dalton, and others were seen dancing in a native American style. They seemed to laugh at the culture and supposedly summoning a spirit. This whole scenario was offensive to the community of Native Americans who still obey their culture and values to this date.

The 29-year-old deleted the video after receiving negative comments about the video. And fans weren’t happy with Grande and they shared some threads on Reddit addressing the situation.

A fan with username kwind21 wrote on Reddit “I have been such a fan of Ari’s since 2013, I’ve literally listened to and watched everything that she’s done. I’m also a Native American and heavily involved in my culture. Seeing that video caught me completely Off-guard. And the fact that she just deleted the post and is now going on as if nothing happened has made me very disappointed in her, especially as she has been vocal about minority rights in the past.”

Another fan named Steven Thompson-Oakes also shared his views and his expectation from the Pop artist. He wrote “I have to be one of your #1 Indigenous fans and the Water Protector who you let speak to your audience, at your dangerous woman Pre-show. The disrespect viewed in that video has made it clear, you all need to be educated on us Indigenous people and the diverse philosophy, ceremonies, languages, stories, and overall worldview each nation has continued to preserve and revitalize. We are still here, still singing our songs, Dancing to those songs, and preserving our culture that our ancestors did long ago, even when they were targeted and criminalized for it, “The singer has been called out many times for cultural appropriation following her Japanese tattoo in 7 Rings tattoo and adopting the K-pop aesthetic ensemble in her music video.

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