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Asbestos, a small town situated in Canada, is planning to change its name for a rebranding. The city’s name derived from its great heritage in mining. Currently, around 7,000 people are staying in the village. The town used to have the largest asbestos mine present in the world. There are several assumptions about the naming of this town. During the 19th century, the city named after the English version of the mineral, rater than its French counterpart- amiante. 

More about the Development

Recently, the council of the town states that the name of the city is playing a significant obstacle for overseas investment. As a result, the board decided to give the city a new name, as yearly as next year. The small town is located around 95 miles East from Montreal, the second populated municipality in the country. The city carries a great legacy of asbestos mines in the past. As a result, the town is prosperous over a century. 

The mine that presents in the town suspended its operation in 2011. In 2012, the government of the Quebec province canceled a million dollar loan, which was supposed to give the city for reopening the mine. After eight years of controversy over the tunnel, finally, the town decides to move on from its legacy. 

The council of the town confirmed the name change on Wednesday. The board revealed that the proposed name change would bring foreign investment to the city. The committee also stated that it would ask the citizens, who are staying in the town for a long time, to propose a new name. They will also consider the heritage and history of the city before confirming any name. 

As asbestos is responsible for incurable diseases like cancer, most of the countries in the world are banning it. Canada banned the manufacturing, use, import, and export of the asbestos in 2018. 

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