English-speaking yoga teachers often evoke space in their posture, with examples that include “holy moon” and “star” locations.

The astronaut is now finding these steps forward during a microgravity exercise at the International Space Station.

Expedition 67 star Samantha Cristoforetti recently shared a photo of herself on Twitter, creating a “triangular shape” at the Japanese Kibo laboratory, a popular space station for photography and media conferences.

“Who says you can’t do yoga in space! At least you can try,” the European Space Agency astronaut wrote on Twitter on Tuesday (June 21) with a photo. The Italian airline has added that it wants to try a more promising approach soon.

Cristoforetti, who is in TikTok to reach a younger audience, recently partnered with Cosmic Kids Yoga (a private company operating since 2012) to develop a yoga tour to explore the area.

“You know what? I love doing yoga here on Earth, and I wonder, can it work there in space?” Cristoforetti asked about the May 23 video posted on the Cosmic Kids YouTube channel.

In response, a certified yoga teacher Jaime Amor played Cristoforetti a space path in a 20-minute video, adding a Yoga activity package to a youthful atmosphere that seeks to stretch and do astrology training.

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