Image Credit: Visualization by Frank Summers, Space Telescope Science Institute. Simulation by Martin White, UC Berkeley and Lars Hernquist, Harvard University

Dark energy is the term provided to the unidentified energy source resulting in the Universe’s expansion quickening.

Our Universe is broadening, and One of the most significant contradictions of modern astronomy is that the growth rate appears to be speeding up. This unidentified energy origin causing this expansion is what astrophysicists imply as dark energy.

By researching dark energy, astronomers wish to understand better what it is and how it might influence the future of the Universe.

1)whether the cosmos will continue expanding forever.
2) whether it will reach a steady-state, or 3)if it will reverse course and head for a ‘Big Crunch.

However, By analyzing the COSMOS survey, we can see that the biggest ever survey undertaken with Hubble by a multinational team of scientists compiled one of the most significant results in cosmology which is a three-dimensional map that proposes a first look at the web-like massive scale dispersion of dark matter throughout the Universe. Trailing the expansion of clustering in dark matter might also eventually throw light on dark energy.

Glancing at the deformed images allows astronomers to reconstruct the route that light from distant galaxies seizes on its long journey to Earth. It also lets them research the effect of dark energy on space geometry in the light route from foreign objects to the lensing clump and then from the cluster to us. Dark energy nudges the Universe to broaden ever faster. The precise path the light beams obey as they travel through space and are bent by the lens is smoothly modified. This implies that the contorted images from the lens encapsulate data about the underlying cosmology and the lens itself.

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