Atlas Of The Heart is a recent upcoming TV series. The idea of this series is something special and different. This unscripted series doesn’t have any particular script or dialogues written beforehand. The director of the series is Paul Dugdale, and the writing credits go to Dr. Brene Brown. The country of origin of the series is the United States, and the original language of release will be English.

The series is an adaptation or is wholly based on a non-fiction book that Dr. Brene Brown wrote. The book’s name was Atlas Of The Heart which is the same as the name of the series.

The book written by Brown became one of the best-sellers just within a few days of its launch. As a result, the book was made as a series.

The show is on the book known as Atlas of The Heart. The book is about narrating humans’ emotions and sharing some human experiences. Also, what is the language used to explain these feelings and experiences as are stated in the book? Dr. Brene Brown, the writer of the book herself, takes various people on a mission where they are made to relate to it through their feelings and other experiences.

The show’s major goal is to develop essential relations and introduce a language of human experiences.

The plot of the series is very different. Very few shows or series are made with an unscripted story.

If you want to know more so, there is a quick trailer that is available for Atlas of The Heart. The trailer was released a few days back, on March 9, 2022. Also, The official channel of HBO Max released it on the platform YouTube; the length of the trailer is 1 minute and 34 seconds.

Brené Brown: Atlas of the Heart | Official Trailer | HBO Max

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