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Hawaii island is famous for its unexplainable natural beauty and dolphins. Most of the tourists have the plan to enjoy swimming with wild dolphins during the morning hours. These human-friendly mammals come close to shore to greet their best friends on the land. The white dolphins found in Hawaii are famous for jumping out of the ocean surface. They even spin their giant bodies in the air; therefore, they are also known as spinner dolphins. These spinner dolphins are found extensively in the island chain located on the northern side of the Pacific ocean. 

Though the relation among these dolphins and humans are decades-long, scientists fear that these spinner dolphins might get stressed by the excessive encounter with the land-based species. As many tourists go to the deep sea using high-speed mechanical boats, conservationists fear the gradual extinction of the species on Hawaii island.  

Over the last ten years, since the inception of social media, the demand for such Dolphin swim tours has increased significantly. People often like to click images along with the Dolphin and post in their social media accounts. To avoid any adverse impact on the ocean-based mammal, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) proposed a ban against swimming and boating around 50 meters radius of Dolphin in 2016. 

Need for Such Ban

Adam Kurtz, the marine wildlife management coordinator, reveals that going near the Dolphin is a kind of harassment for the animal. Swim tours might affect the animals as they rest for a specific time during the day. The ban has not implemented yet, but Kurtz is expecting it to be performed by 2020 spring. The proposed rule will not penalize those cases when the Dolphin comes close to the swimmer or boat, Kurtz added. 

Biologists believe that if the rule implemented adequately, the dolphins would get much needed personal space. More detailed news is expected to come once the law applied duly. 

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