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The rising number of cases of Covid is once again shutting the places and fun of performing live for the artists. The omicron variant has blanketed us globally. As the restrictions are starting to be part of our lives again, we adjust and reschedule the events.

They are planning to open the festival from Jan 12 as it was planned. They would limit the number of performances, not serve any food or drink. The host of the Public theatre mandated that the audience provide results of the negative PCR and rapid antigen test. The crew agreed that these measures would keep the audiences, artists, and staff safe amid the Coronavirus hype.

But on Thursday, Radar’s artistic director said, “I was sort of in denial, riding down the river of denial for a while” “we tried all the adjustments until the last minute, and put a lot of work into rejiggering again and then rejiggering again.”

The multi-venue, multi-arts program based in Brooklyn will go entirely after the public demanded the cancellation of the Festivals due to the community spread of Omicron. Prototype, a festival of avant-garde opera and musical theatre, largely spiked its 10-anniversary celebration that was meant to open for Jan7 but not now. It might be done online, but one prototype show, “The Hang’ will take place a little later than scheduled.

Two founding directors of prototype Beth Morrison and Kristin Martin told the artists the festival would pay out their contracts, but they won’t perform. “It’s been a terrible day, tears and, of course, understanding. But incredible disappointment.” Said Morrison in zoom call.

Now audiences will have to wait another year or at least till then before the shoe returns will vary its full bountifulness. The ensembles that create these experimental performances are dependent on the income from touring.

The artists’ directors were funding agents performers, all of them looking forward to having the chance to deliver the show in person. Many artists have also described their frustration of performing on a laptop screen or a camera. But we all have to bear it for the time being.

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