Being one of the most celebrated animated series of the 2000s, ‘Avatar: the Last Airbender’ is anticipated for a new show series as it’s been in talks of announcements for the remakes on the horizon.

Originally the show was based on a group of kids who attempt to defeat the evil Fire Lord and end the Hundred Year War. The Avatar has the power to bend all four elements; water, earth, fire and air. Aang is the Avatar, and we see his heroic journey to master all the elements and end the war.

The excitement rising seems like the perfect time to share the best episodes with the newcomers and revaluate what makes it one of the greatest shows of all time.

An additional thought to a slight detail is that the show used “Books” to refer to seasons and “Chapters” as episodes.

The Blue Spirit (S1, Ep-13)

In this one, Aang’s friends Katara and Sokka gets sick. To find the cure of the illness, he must travel to find the cure. But while embarking on his journey, he gets stuck where a sinister Admiral kept him captive. He has to escape the prison with a mysterious masked ninja named The Blue Spirit.

Just by the description, it might seem like a pretty intense episode, but it’s not so. The directors kept it light-hearted Comedy, and it is a perfect encapsulation of action, trouble and escape.

Zuko Alone (S2, Ep-7)

It is the story of deuteragonist Zuko, who has one of the best redemption arcs in television history. As the title suggests, Zuko travels alone through the landscapes of his occupied nation. As the disgraced Prince of the Fire Nation, he feels responsible for how his nation has destroyed the lives of many innocents. On his journey, he stays with the families of framers and helps them in the household duties. He resonates with a farmer’s son whose older brother died in the war, and he attempts to train the kid how to defend himself and fight.

Bitter Work (S2, Ep-9)

The episode shows, The Gaang have a day with Aang’s new earthbending teacher, Toph, who is like a daredevil and a wolverine combined in a child’s body. Aang struggles to learn from Toph and almost gives up his ability to bend earth. His frustration is balanced out with Sokka’s plot in the episode. Sokka gets stuck in the ground as he hunts. Both the story intersects just at the right time and combine it all. Aang has to learn how to get rid of his mental block, Toph has to learn to be a better teacher, and Sokka knows he shouldn’t mess around with giant moose.

Tales of Ba Sing Se (S2, Ep-15)

This stands as the favourite episode of many, Iroh accounts as the best character of the animated show. He has contagious abilities to be constantly optimistic and always see the best in everyone. But this one is an outlook, and it pictures the deep melancholy of the character. This is dedicated to the voice actor of Iroh, who tragically died during the production of the show. It resembles the audience that everything is not black and white; there are always some unspoken struggles that need to be considered.

Sokka’s Master (S3, Ep-4)

Sokka is the comic-relief character who usually don’t get their dedicated episodes, but Avatar differs here. All his touches of humour come from the insecurities that he is the minor influential member in the Gaang. The Gaang inspires him to learn a new skill and find a path of higher purpose. Following the motivation, he meets the legendary swordsman, Master Piendao.

He trains himself. Indeed, he doesn’t become the master, but still, he learns how to use the sword. He realises that he doesn’t need to be a bender to know his worth, and he is already worthy, and he just needs to be aware that he has the potential to be.

We hope that we have listed your favourite episode of the show, and if we haven’t, we simply apologise.

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