In the latest episode of Barrister Babu on 21st July 2021, you’ll see Bondita’s brother in law hire a man to go to Tulsipur Roy Chaudhary’s Haweli to keep an eye on Anirudh’s student Vaijayanti. Tupur’s husband tells Thaurmaa that there is a girl who comes to Anirudh to study. Also, he doubts she is the one Anirudh gonna marry soon. Hearing this, Thaurmaa comes up with the idea of kidnapping that girl.

Barrister Babu

So, they send a goon to their mansion. That goon dressed up in Madrasi avatar reaches Roy Chaudhary’s mansion, and introduce himself as Vaijayanti’s relative. He said he is here to take her along with him. Kaka asks Bihari to call Vaijayanti. Bondita aka Vaijayanti sees and now she is thinking about what’s going on. Who’s this man who come up here to take her along. She is fully confused and scared if she gonna come out of the room, it will be clear that she is Bondita.

Later on, Anirudh sees the riffle with the man. He figures out that this is not her relative. Rather, he is here to spy on them from Krishna Nagar. They made him their slave now. On the other hand, Bondita enters the room that is full of her belongings and is actually locked. Nobody goes there inside the room.

She realizes that Anirudh still misses her and loves her. Now, she decides to give her even more to rectify the relationship between Tulsipur and Krishna Nagar. When Anirudh sees Vaijayanti in that room, he got so angry. He starts yelling loud on her and asks her to leave their mansion then and there.

Bondita keeps on standing outside. It was 46 degree Celcius and loo is here. She got sick and fell down. Sampurna goes out and takes her inside. Anirudh says she is absolutely fine and doing nothing but just drama. Bondita is crying.

Bondita got fever. She goes back her home. Thakurmaa gives her medicine and asks her to take rest to get well soon. She realizes that she is in loves with Anirudh. Also, she knows that he also lovers her Bondita. Tapur asks her why she is smiling for no reason. She says, there’s nothing like that. Tapur says her to hide this smile from Thakurmaa else she won’t be able to make her shut as she did to her.

Bondita calls Anirudh late at night. Anirudh thinks who’s there to call him at this hour. He receives the call and Bondita says nothing. She just wanted to hear his voice. Anirudh recognizes her and says Bondita. On the other side, Bondita is so happy. Stay tuned with us to know more updates on Barrister Babu.

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