Today’s latest episode of Barrister Babu 29th July 2021 starts with Sampurna asking Anirudh why you cannot just get married to Vaijayanti. It’s already been so long you being single. Also, she is a good girl, she finally made you smile almost after 8 complete years. She is having all the qualities that a man can expect from his wife. She further says, not only this but also she has seen love for him in her eyes.

Trilochan asks Anirudh why he is saying no to this alliance. Is it because of Bondita? When Bondita was leaving, Anirudh promised her that once she will be back, then they will decide how to move further for this relationship. Also, they promised that if Bondita in the future wants to marry somebody else then also there would be no problem at all.

Barrister Babu Written Episode

Anirudh says, there’s nothing like that anymore. He has no relationship left with Bondita anymore. And, he tells Trilochan Kaka that he had made this thing very clear to her that there is nothing between them anymore. And, no matter what, it’s over between them.

On the other hand, Bondita sees Tupur taking stress. She was throwing kerosene on herself and trying to commit suicide. Bondita asks her why she is doing this? What’s there bothering her? She promises her that she will help her no matter what. Tupur finally tells her that she wants her to get married to Chandrachur and give him the baby to proceed with his family. Bondita is shocked. Everyone is shocked actually.

Bondita says Tupur that she can even sacrifice her life for her. But this is not possible what she is asking for. She cannot get married to Chandrachur at all. Bondita is crying. She tells everybody that she considers him as her elder brother and nothing more than that. Who can marry her elder brother?

Chandrachur hearing this statement goes angry. He completely loses his temper. He keeps on talking to himself that how could she can say him his elder brother. Rather, he wants her to be his wife. He makes a plan now to ruin Bondita’s image in Anirudh’s eyes.

He picks up Bondita’s bracelet, start his jeep with all his goons with him. He attacks on Tulsipur and for proof of evidence, he throws that bracelet there. Roy Chaudhary’s got that bracelet and they think that it’s Bondita behind this attack. Let’s see how it goes further. Stay tuned wit us for more updates on Barrister Babu.

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