“The White Knight was set to be released a political historical thriller, Curse was set to be a historical heroic thriller, and this may be a sci-fi heroic thriller,” writer-artist Sean Gordon Murphy says within the video.

“At the end of the last volume, I have Bruce going to jail. Some years have gone by. What happens is somebody breaks into the ruins of Wayne Manor and steals this super dangerous Batsuit. [Bruce] decides to escape. He becomes a convict, the number one criminal on the run in Gotham, hoping to finally put Batman to bed. And there’s kind of a civil war in Gotham — there’s this overreaching, overpowered super cop program run by Dick, and then you have GCPD, the normal blue-collar good cops.”

Murphy added that with “Beyond The White Knight,” he hoped to give Batman Beyond fans “everything that they are looking for,” saying, “I also wanted to play with pieces in a new, unique way.”.

He was excited that the art movement Batsuit worn by Terry McGinnis would look constant because it did within the classic series; however, he added that he planned a surprise for readers within the book. This surprise is set to be an unexpected reveal at the end of the title’s first issue, which Murphy claims will make readers want to instantly get the whole series unless they’re “dead inside.”

A hint regarding Beyond the White Knight’s plot twists may be found recently released preview for the series that shows off the debut issue’s 1st seven pages. Within the preview, Terry McGinnis — who is INTENIALLY PRESENTED half-Asian in Murphy’s series as a nod to attendant Beyond’s Japanese, cyberpunk roots — is that the figure created by removal through the portion of Wayne Manor.

He finds the futuristic Batsuit and fends off many GCPD officers, all the whereas taking orders from none apart from Derek Powers, the person who killed his father within the animated tv-series and eventually reworked into the irradiated villain Blight.

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