Battlegrounds Mobile India Beta
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The all-new version of PUBG Mobile India “Battlegrounds Mobile India Beta” has finally released in India. The report suggests that till now the beta version of the game is available to a limited number of testers. The company also said in a press statement that the game will be added to more slots in the course of the day.

The release for the same announced in the month of May. Also, the pre-registrations for the same went up to 18th May. Since then the most people are waiting for the release of the game. The same company Krafton officially released a statement on its Facebook page. in which the company mentioned that as of now the beta version for the game is available to the users. But at the same time, the game is limited to the number of users and not all.

However, it seems that the beta version is there for the testers only. And also through this, the company can make the results for the parent version of the same. The beta version is there as the company claims that they want to know that what is the response of the users to the same. However, the beat version for Battlegrounds Mobile India Beta.

However, if the user is lucky then the user can find the option of playing the game in the play store. But if the lit is reached then a message will be shown off ‘Internal server error’  or the message will be shown that the testing programme has reached the maximum number of testers.

In a press statement, the Krafton company claimed that  “Progress made while in Early Access will carry over to the final version of the game including in-game purchases. An increasing number of Early Access slots will be made available frequently throughout the day. The link for the Early Access will remain the same as indicated above,”.

One of the users got access to the Battlegrounds Mobile India Beta version and the user shared the ss for the same. The ss showed that the game file is in 721MB size. With the users who gave got access, some of the users also showed disappointment on Twitter as they don’t get access to the same.

This time in the game the in-game blood is green instead of red. Also, there are warnings this time for safe playing. With this, the other features that include map and settings are the same as PUBG Mobile. The OTP is also not required for logging in.

The full launch of the beta version is expected to be on June 18. The game got banned in the country last September. But the game’s UI is the same as the PUBG Mobile.

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