You Don’t Know Me is a well-known British four-part television series based on the 2017 crime novel of the same name penned by Imran Mahmood. On BBC One, the show made its debut on December 5, 2021, and is now scheduled to hit Netflix on June 17, 2022.

Netflix acquired the show’s rights back in November 2021 and revealed that it’d be “heading to Netflix not too long after its UK release.” The show is coming from the production teams of Snowed-In Productions, who are known for being part of Too Close and Mrs. Wilson.

The show’s official synopsis provided by BBC One reads, “Hero, a young man from south London, is in the dock for murder.

The prosecution barrister relates damning evidence to him in the closing speech. Hero decides he wants to tell his own story rather than the version that his barrister decided was in his best interests and exercises his right to present his closing speech. He fires his barrister and tells the jury that he is innocent, sharing a very different sequence of events that placed a law-abiding car salesman in the frame for murder.”

It is directed under the supervision of Sarmad Masud and written by Tom Edge. According to Radio Times, the show entertains a crime drama and a love story, giving the audience the best of both worlds. Its statement includes a “well-executed piece of telly that is deserving of your attention.”

The show stars Roger Jean Nsengiyumva (Tomb Raider), Tuwaine Barrett (The Personal History of David Copperfield), Yetunde Oduwole (Carnage), and Nicholas Khan (Transformers: The Last Knight). For further updates, stay tuned.

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