BBC One modern Historical fiction is on its way to concluding its sixth and final season. The show circles around the hardships of the Shelby family as they struggle to maintain their position as Peaky Blinders. The show is set in Birmingham, England, starting in 1919, several months after the end of the First World War in November 1918.

As of yet, the show has released five seasons and is on its way to ending its final installment. The sixth season debuted on 27 February 2022. On 27 March 2022, it has broadcasted the fifth episode titled “The Road to Hell.”

The upcoming episode is titled ‘Lock and Key,’ and it will be the end of the Shelby siblings. It will be broadcast on 3 April 2022. Directed by Anthony Byrne, the episode is penned by Steven Knight. Synopsis of the episode reads, ‘As the end of the road finally arrives, Tommy faces the full front of the consequences of his actions from over the past two decades.’

Image Credit: BBC

Peaky Blinders has publicized some new teaser shots before the drama’s eagerly-anticipated final episode to hype the fans. The snapshots pledge that there won’t be a let-up in the activity before the series is over.

Among the last photos that have been released are several images of Tommy in the House of Commons, including one of him constructing a rousing speech and one that shows him sitting isolated and looking pensive. Another shot of him looking into the distance shows him sitting in a shaded pub alongside Arthur Shelby.

Image Credit: BBC

The family’s future is drenched in mystery, and fans have been anticipating another heartbreaking death of one of their beloved characters. Also displayed in the House of Commons in the final photos is Sam Claflin’s fascist commander Sir Oswald Mosley, who looks like he indicates business.

Now the question remains, will Mosley be able to take Tommy down in this last episode? After her actions, last week, does Diana have any new schemes?

Only time and the plotline will be able to disclose these mysteries. The pictures also gave us a glimpse of the long-lost son of Tommy Shelby, Duke Shelby. He is looking up towards the sky, deep in introspection. Hopefully, the show will bring some much-needed happiness to the lives of our favorite characters and bring justice to those we have lost on the road. For further updates, stay tuned.

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