Apple TV+’s original Psychological thriller, Severance, has been gaining recognition across the globe because of its unique and intriguing storyline. The show is an American science fiction that has introduced a highly complex work environment in the shape of Lumon Industries that uses a “severance” medical approach to untangle the non-work memories of their employees from their work memories.

The show’s main protagonist, Mark Scout, is an ordinary worker who believes that all is good in his life. He works in the Macro Data Refinement division, part of the “severance” program. Suffering from the death of his wife, he embarks upon a journey as he slowly but steadily uncovers the web of conspiracy from both sides of the division.

The series has received positive reviews from the audience and stands with an average rating of 8.5/10. critics’ comments read, “Audacious, mysterious, and bringing fresh insight into the perils of corporate drudgery, Severance is the complete package.”

Since its arrival, fans have been going crazy to uncover the truth behind this bizarre work environment that has us all hooked from the very beginning. Trying to interpret Helly R’s backstory to do our best to understand Harmony Cobel’s motives, the show has been keeping us all on our toes.

After being asked how he achieved the balance between humor and seriousness, his response reads, “It just felt like such a classic office comedy tone. In terms of what made it hard, it was more in developing the twists and turns of the plot, so that it felt like a consistent reality in which you could buy the funnier, weird things that are happening.”

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