First of all, today is farmers’ day, so Happy Farmers Day to all my readers. Many studies have shown that diet has a big impact on mental health. Those people who depend on a western diet, which includes added sugar and highly processed foods. They have a higher risk of developing depression and anxiety. Western diet directly attacks the hippocampus, the hippocampus is the area in the brain that produces new neurons, and this process is called neurogenesis. It means stressful experiences reduce neurogenesis.

Factors that negatively affect neurogenesis in adults are:
High-fat diet
Oxidative stress
High sugar diets
Some healthful habits and foods that appear to promote neurogenesis are:
Regular exercise
A diet that includes polyunsaturated fatty acids, polyphenols, and curcumin, etc.

A diet that may be good for mental health

There is not a specific diet that is best for mental health, but there are some eating patterns that appear to be better than others.

1 Mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean diet has the strongest evidence supporting its ability to reduce the risk and symptoms of depression. Compounds that lower the depression rates are:
Vitamin D
Omega-3 fatty acids
The Mediterranean diet consists of:
Olive oil
Very little red meat
Low-to-moderate amounts of wine
Plenty of vegetables and fruits
Whole grains
Eggs up to four times a week, etc.

2 Low calories diet

Many studies have shown that people who decrease the intake of calories by 25% for 6 months then this habit reduce the symptoms of depression. If anyone wants to reduce the calories then you should first consult your doctor for the best diet plan for you.
3 Polyphenols
A study has shown that polyphenols can do both it can prevent depression and improve the symptoms of symptoms. The polyphenols that the researchers studied came from:
Grapes, etc.

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